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Cook Lively!

100 Quick and Easy Plant-Based Recipes for High Energy, Glowing Skin, and Vibrant Living—Using 10 Ingredients or Less

By Laura-Jane Koers

Simple vegan, raw, and raw-inspired recipes to whip up satisfying healthy meals with just 10 ingredients or less

Fresh, raw plant foods are the key to vibrant health, glowing skin, and high energy. But many raw and vegan recipes require trips to specialty stores and long hours in the kitchen; Laura-Jane Koers is on a quest to create amazing recipes using staple ingredients that can be found all year round and might already be in your kitchen. (Think bananas, apples, carrots, celery, and onions-no need to make a special trip for fresh coconut and celeriac.) Koers is known for her easy and accessible plant-based cuisine on her blog TheRawtarian.com. In Cook Lively, she shares satisfying recipes to whip up healthy meals with as few ingredients and prep as possible. Cook Lively is the go-to cookbook when you're hungry for something wholesome, delicious, and quick.
Laura-Jane Koers is a food writer, stylist, and photographer and the blogger behind TheRawtarian.com, one of the most popular raw vegan communities online. She also hosts the Raw Food Podcast on iTunes. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Website: TheRawtarian.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/therawtarian
Twitter: @therawtarian
Instagram: @therawtarian

"Laura-Jane has created a beautiful recipe book with flexibility in mind. I love the fact that it caters to raw food enthusiasts and newbies alike by providing dehydrator and oven instructions. This is something I get asked about a lot, so I know this book is going to be well used by anyone who owns it. This book is the perfect way to bring more healthy and delicious raw and plant-based foods into your life."—Russell James, the UK's leading raw chef (www.therawchef.com)

"Get ready to discover a plethora of simple, delicious, healthful plant-based recipes to take your well-being to the next level. Laura-Jane's recipes and photos were one of my first sources of inspiration when I got into raw food and veganism myself. Her personality--friendly, charming, down-to-earth--comes through in all her work and this book is no exception."—Emily von Euw, award-winning food blogger (www.thisrawsomeveganlife.com) and best-selling vegan cookbook author (Rawsome Vegan Baking; 100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks; and The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook)

"Teaches vegan cooking without fuss."

—Milwaukee Shepherd Express

"Showcases thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' dishes that are as palate pleasing as they are appetite satisfying. Beautifully and profusely illustrated throughout...unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended."
—Midwest Book Review

"Koers' easy recipes take the fear out of plant based eating by introducing simple instructions that use basic, accessible ingredients."


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